Monday, 31 May 2010

Sarah B for Blog

Welcome to my belated blog, which will be used primarily to publish my journalism, both so it is one place authored by me, and also to give me the chance to publish full versions when pieces are cut for space, which happens more and more as our dying papers give less and less space to cultural and arts criticism.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Comments are of course welcome, as long as they are courteous.

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I think you were my TA at Princeton, sometime around 1996 or 1997. I remember your passion for Marilyn Monroe. I saw your clip in a news video about the latest movie and thought I would send a quick hello.

    Did I ever tell you that my mom's cousin played the bell boy in Some Like it Hot? He never got the recognition he deserved!

    I hope all is well for you. Just wanted to let you know that I still remember being in your precept and learning quite a bit that year.
    Take care,

    Love (Slipock) Zubiller
    (Princeton 98)